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AK Empire logo - Iconica Communications

July 18th, 2023

Just Branded: AK Empire

Here’s a brand that we recently created for AK Empire Real Estate Brokerage. Our client was looking to create a logo with a corporate, polished image that would be attractive to a wide variety of home-owners and investors. We worked at developing a series of monogram ideas that give an abstracted feeling of royalty or an […]

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July 04th, 2023

Just Branded: Aneeta Parmar Real Estate

Here’s a brand that we recently created for Aneeta Parmar Real Estate. Aneeta was looking for a logo with a casual and organic vibe, one that would best suit her clientele. A leaf illustration in soft, muted tones was the perfect imagery for the brand, the leaf forms a “roof” over her name, a gentle reminder of […]

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January 17th, 2018

Just Branded: Eileen Stewart

Here’s another recently completed real estate brand for Eileen Stewart! Eileen works mostly in West end Toronto, where neighbourhoods are known for their lush canopies of trees and natural park areas. We created a custom illustrated logo inspired by nature, using large leaves and branches as trees to best reflect the feeling of the West […]

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Battle Team - Iconica Communications

February 08th, 2017

Just Branded: Battle Team

We just recently completed a logo project for another great brand! The Battle Team approached us for a rebrand and we were ecstatic as the word “Battle” immediately got the creativity flowing. The Battle Team was looking for a simple, strong, high contrast logo. The challenge with this project was to communicate “going to battle” […]

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Jason Vidal Branding - Iconica Communications

June 30th, 2016

Just Branded: Jason Vidal

Another successful re-branding project has been completed here at Iconica! Jason Vidal was looking to create a logo that would have both modern and vintage elements. When I starting to think about this logo, what came to mind was vintage varsity teams. I knew that if I created a sharp, centred word mark with strong […]

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