Just Branded: Battle Team
February 8, 2017

Just Branded: Battle Team

We just recently completed a logo project for another great brand! The Battle Team approached us for a rebrand and we were ecstatic as the word “Battle” immediately got the creativity flowing. The Battle Team was looking for a simple, strong, high contrast logo.

The challenge with this project was to communicate “going to battle” and “strategic moves” in a subtle and friendly way. The Knight icon was a fantastic idea that we felt was highly memorable and complimented the name “Battle” in just the right way. We chose a colour palette of black, white, red & gold and Helvetica Bold for the wordmark. You can’t get more powerful than that!

Battle Team - Iconica Communications

The client loved the logo and it’s one of the projects that we’re most proud of from 2016. Keep an eye out on our blog for more creative projects for the Battle Team!

Lauren Britstone, Graphic Designer