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Direct mail - Iconica Communications

April 24th, 2020

The truth about direct mail

Does marketing by mail really work? We have met some clients who have moved all of their marketing efforts online. While it can seem like a clever idea to move to digital marketing or skip direct mail altogether, you’d be missing out on a huge opportunity to increase your overall response rate! Direct mail works.  […]

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Productivity Tools - Iconica Communications

January 25th, 2017

5 Incredible FREE tools that will boost your productivity instantly

It’s amazing how many free tools we have at our fingertips nowadays to help us organize and manage our busy lives. Flashback to a year ago, I remember we were just starting to get excited about productivity tools and how they could help our business at Iconica. I mean we were always organized and had […]

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Create a bulletproof content plan - Iconica Communications

January 11th, 2017

How to create a bulletproof blog content plan for 2017

So you’ve heard about the benefits of blogging for your website’s SEO, building credibility with could-be clients and the increased exposure it can provide for your brand, but where do you start? First, let me tell you what NOT to do. Haphazardly choosing a blog topic from week to week and scrambling to get your […]

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10 tips from our designers - Iconica Communications

October 11th, 2016

10 Tips from our designers

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the design process from our clients. They want to know how they can best team up with us to facilitate a smooth process and get the best possible marketing materials. The design process can be mysterious and we’re happy to break down some of the misconceptions. […]

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Typography - Iconica Communications

September 08th, 2016

Choosing the right font for your brand

When we work on branding projects, one of the most crucial parts of the process is choosing a typeface. Typography can communicate mood and feeling far more effectively than even colour! We’ve had a lot of questions lately about fonts and typography and there’s no question, it can be tough to choose. There are so […]

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5 Blog secrets

August 03rd, 2016

5 blog secrets that will dramatically increase your subscribership

1. People love lists Why? It’s simple. Lists are easy to digest and appeal to people with short attention spans. Not everyone is going to read your full blog. There are plenty of people who will be interested in learning from you, but want their information quick. How many times have you yourself scrolled through […]

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7 Things Every Successful People Do

July 20th, 2016

7 things EVERY successful person on the planet does

1. Create SMART goals It’s impossible to manifest what you want out of life without first getting it down on paper (iPad…whatever). Ask anyone you consider to be successful, and they will all tell you how important goal setting is. This means setting long term goals, but also bite sized goals and tasks that you want to achieve […]

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Colour Psychology - Iconica Communications

July 13th, 2016

Colour Psychology

We talk a lot about colour at Iconica. Colour carries so much meaning and can say so much about your business. Colour psychology can help us predict how your audience will respond. Choosing your favourite swatches for a brand or logo is rarely the best choice. We do believe that you could be using the […]

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7 Tips for writing killer website copy

May 18th, 2016

7 Tips for writing killer website copy

We’ve recently had an influx of copywriting projects come our way, and it got us thinking… why do people seem to dread writing so much? There’s no question, it’s a skill and a craft, and sometimes easier to leave in the hands of a professional. But if you were to approach writing with the same […]

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Instagram selfie! - Iconica Communications

November 18th, 2015

These simple tips can help you build an Instagram following from scratch

Post killer content You can be doing everything else right, but if the content you’re posting isn’t interesting and engaging you’ll never succeed in building a following. It’s important to have a variety of different posts to keep people interested and make sure you’re appealing to what your target audience expects from you and your […]

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