Just Branded: Bob Odanovic
April 1, 2015

Just Branded: Bob Odanovic

I wanted to share a recent Branding project that we’ve been working on here at Iconica. Bob Odanovic was looking for a new logo to help propel his real estate business forward. He was looking for something colourful, minimalist and bold; a logo that would represent him and his style. We have decided on this bright and friendly logo featuring a simple abstract key, with the emphasis placed on his last name.

Bob Odanovic identity guide

The Brand identity usage guide.

I immediately fell in love with the reflection and the warm, intense red-orange colour that Bob chose. This logo is going to look great on signage, business cards and online! Bob was looking for a visual way of assuring clients that he’s accountable and easy to work with, and this logo definitely does the job. We look forward to being Bob’s marketing support team and designing more pieces for him. Thank you, Bob! Keep an eye on our blog for more logo projects. We have a lot more happening this spring at Iconica!

Bob Odanovic roughs

Some rough concepts along the way.