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September 08th, 2016

Choosing the right font for your brand

When we work on branding projects, one of the most crucial parts of the process is choosing a typeface. Typography can communicate mood and feeling far more effectively than even colour! We’ve had a lot of questions lately about fonts and typography and there’s no question, it can be tough to choose. There are so […]

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Joselle Alves - branding by Iconica Communications

December 01st, 2015

Guest Blog: Joselle Alves on branding and what it means to her business

The decision to hire a branding company has been without a doubt the best business decision I have ever made and one that I wish I had made much sooner in my career. Branding is the process of creating your own unique image to set you apart from the tens of thousands of REALTORS® in […]

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Justin Draper's Brand Identity

April 22nd, 2015

Just Branded: Justin Draper

We wrapped up another logo project this week at Iconica. If you’re not branded or your logo needs an update, now is the time to call us! Justin Draper was looking to update the real estate marketing materials that he was using. He was happy with the neutral look of his current pieces but felt […]

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Bob Odanovic logo

April 01st, 2015

Just Branded: Bob Odanovic

I wanted to share a recent Branding project that we’ve been working on here at Iconica. Bob Odanovic was looking for a new logo to help propel his real estate business forward. He was looking for something colourful, minimalist and bold; a logo that would represent him and his style. We have decided on this […]

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February 19th, 2015

Just Branded: Shaka Media

Here’s a recent Branding project that we’ve been working on this winter at Iconica. Shaka Media, a photography and videography company owned by a husband & wife team (and located in sunny Costa Rica!), felt that their logo could use a redesign. Shaka Media is not your run-of-the-mill media company; they offer a variety of […]

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Neighbourhood Newsletters

February 04th, 2015

Have you heard of the Neighbourhood News Letters?

Introducing ICONICA’s Real Estate Newsletter Program. A regularly distributed newsletter will keep you at the forefront of marketing in your farming area and help you build and maintain a relationship with homeowners in the area. You choose the neighbourhood you want to dominate. Strengthen your brand and ensure members of the community remember YOU when […]

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Various letterheads from Iconica

December 03rd, 2014

The Better Letter

Notes and letters will always be an essential part of your business, whether that be correspondence with clients or business-to-business interactions. Are you using plain old office paper to print out letters? You should be taking every opportunity to support your brand and market your business, and letters are no exception! Your business will appear […]

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November 05th, 2014

How are you presenting yourself?

I’ve been very busy this month at ICONICA, working on sales materials; more specifically sales presentations; for our valued clients in Real Estate. These presentations can be a fantastic way for an agent to introduce him or herself before stepping into that initial meeting with a prospective client (pre-listing presentation), or support material during a […]

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Michael M Identity - Iconica Communications

October 15th, 2014

Just Branded: Michael McLachlan

I wanted to share a recent logo project that we’re all excited about here at Iconica. Michael McLachlan was looking for a new monogram logo to represent him in his real estate business. He wanted to ensure that his logo would work for the luxury Toronto real estate market, but still have a clean and simple look. Luckily, […]

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March 27th, 2012

5 Steps to have your Website be better than your Competition

STEP 1: Find the “Competition” They “offer” supposedly what you do… but do they?  Can you improve on what they have currently?  Figure out what you have and what they don’t and what they have and you don’t. Then add to your list of products or services. Step up your game! Try catering to more […]

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