Just Branded: Shaka Media
February 19, 2015

Just Branded: Shaka Media

Here’s a recent Branding project that we’ve been working on this winter at Iconica. Shaka Media, a photography and videography company owned by a husband & wife team (and located in sunny Costa Rica!), felt that their logo could use a redesign. Shaka Media is not your run-of-the-mill media company; they offer a variety of different types of photography and video and have a great love for travel, beautiful landscapes, action sports and an adventurous lifestyle.

Like many small businesses, Shaka was using a home-made logo. We agreed, a few elements were indeed working. The “shaka sign” had the potential to be a great, memorable icon and the colour green was fresh and printed well. Shaka Media wanted their logo to reflect their fun, easy-going, surfer spirit, but wanted to develop a more professional look that would help take their international business to the next level.

The “shaka sign” had the potential to be a great, memorable icon

Aside from a request for cool colours, Shaka was open to ideas, and developing them was so much fun! We settled on an evolutionary take on the Shaka logo; an abstract, simplified hand design that says “surf’s up!” but also feels technical and media-oriented. Take a look at some of our Branding process below; from the original logo, through concepts and the final logo and identity guide.





Thanks, Shaka Media!

By Lauren Britstone,
Graphic designer