Build your Direct Mail Campaign in 10 Steps
June 10, 2011

Build your Direct Mail Campaign in 10 Steps

1. Get Prepared

– Have you done this in the past? What were the results?

– Ask around about other’s experiences  – learn from it

2. Get your timing on point

– Make sure to confirm timelines with printing company

– Can you deliver it in the time frame you anticipate

– Document results to compare/forecast each year

3. Is it possible?

– Define your campaign, objectives (qualitative and quantitative)

– Define what you feel is successful and how you will measure it

4. Start recording your plan

– Define the opportunity and how you want to support the opportunity

– What is your objective in terms of your marketing goals

– How will this impact client acquisition, cross-sell growth or retention

– S.M.A.R.T objectives: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time specific

– Who are the key competitors in the market?

– What is their philosophy, products and or services in comparison

– To what scale is their market (by region or nationally etc)

– What is their marketing strategy

– What is your prospects wants, needs, concerns and challenges

– What are your tactics and how do you execute?

– What do you want the recipient to do after receiving your material?

– What are the fulfillment options?

– What are you accountable for after you deliver your product or service

– Any price changes to take effect by_____ date?

5.  Know your target audience

– This will help develop your strategy to appeal to the masses in that community

6. How creative can you get

– If you are capable run with it, if not seek help from the professionals

– Professionals will develop a creative brief for you to review

– Once a concept is approved by you (that represents you the best) they will begin the actual creative development

7. Look through it with a magnifying glass

– Review the data once you see the almost finished product, ensure everything you requested in accurate and exactly what you want

8. Time to promote

– Get copies for your personal handouts when you are networking/working

– Set up your direct mail with Canada Post or distribution company

9. What was the outcome

– Identify what you have learned

– Identify future opportunities

– Make recommendations (there is always room for improvement – expand your area or get more specific and farm a smaller demographic)

10. Try it again but do it even better!

– Now that you have the experience and knowledge you know what you need to do…so go forth, refine and generate those leads!