The Top 4 Essential Marketing Videos Every REALTOR® Needs
April 5, 2017

The Top 4 Essential Marketing Videos Every REALTOR® Needs

Property tours are the bread of butter of any real estate listing, but the camera shouldn’t stop there. Effective video marketing drives traffic to your listing, generating more interest in you and your property. With hundreds of new listings popping up every day, and over 40,000 REALTORS® in the GTA, setting you and your listing apart is imperative to your success. This is why we’ve broken down the top 4 marketing videos every agent needs (now!).

1. Agent Profile Video

In an era where introductions are often made well before a handshake, a profile video helps introduce you to potential clients and distinguish your from the rest. Showcase your killer marketing techniques, your expertise and passion for your industry in a way that only video can.

Lawrence Kobescak - Iconica Communications

Andrew Moresi & Danny Abballe - Iconica Communications

2. Event Video

Customer appreciation and event videos are an excellent way to show your engagement with the community. Creating meaningful and lasting impressions are important regardless of the industry, but crucial in marketing. Build excitement and hype for an upcoming event, or highlight the best of a past one with an exciting event video. Seeing how you interact with clients can be a huge factor when picking an agent.

Lawrence Kobescak | Customer Appreciation Event with Paul LaFrance - Iconica Communications

Insider Condo Club — Garrison Point — Insider’s Cut - Iconica Communications

3. Neighbourhood Video

Location is everything, right? Buyers are looking for someone they can trust to know the hood. Establishing yourself as knowledgeable and passionate about a community can be key when developing relationships with clients. Take the opportunity to highlight some of your neighbourhood’s best features. Showcase the parks, nearby schools, shopping, dining and feel of the area.

Ari Zadegan - Broker - Iconica Communications

4. Testimonial Video

Above all else, happy customers are what establish your network and reputation. A testimonial video allows your clients to highlight your best qualities and attributes that made their property buying process easier. Let future clients hear it right from the source!

LK Testimonials - Iconica Communications

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