Letters & Postcards - Connecting with your audience
April 12, 2017

Letters & Postcards - Connecting with your audience

Sending promotional materials by “snail mail” is arguably the most effective way to directly target a specific geographic area or neighbourhood. When done repeatedly over an extended period of time, residents get to know your brand and you become the go-to name in your area. We’re often asked about what’s best to send. Let’s talk about two popular mailing pieces, the postcard and the letter:


If you have a short and concise message then postcards are the way to go. They will be viewed by the majority of people that get them, are colourful, eye-catching, and easy to take in. If you’re mailing to customers that know your product/service or your service is easily understood, then postcards are perfect. They are fantastic at creating brand awareness. Branding is meant to trigger the thought of your company when a potential customer thinks about your industry.

To get a great response rate with postcards, you must send out mailings on a regular basis.

To get a great response rate with postcards, you must send out mailings on a regular basis. We recommend choosing an area and sending at regular intervals (around 2-3 weeks). Over time, the customer will get to know and trust your service because you’ve become familiar to them. The great thing about postcards is how cost-effective they are.


With a postcard, you are limited to two sides of a smaller area and need to be concise with your message. But you can make a letter much longer. Overall, people want considerable information on a product they are considering, so the more details you can include in a letter, the more you’ll be able to inform your audience about your product/service.

While not always as cost-effective as the postcard, addressed Letters have an amazing response rate. Sealed letters take more investment on the customer’s part, as they need to be opened. According to the United States Postal Service, 98% of mail delivered gets brought into a household the day it’s delivered, roughly 77% is sorted and looked at and 47% is opened. However, the letters that are opened are highly likely to get you a strong response. The letter, with mailed sequentially (sending out at least 3 in a row), will yield you great results. We always recommend scanning your signature or handwritten name and using it at the end of the letter to provide a more personalized feeling.

If you use postcards and letters together, they will be even more effective in developing the visibility of your business in the area of your choice. We can’t stress this enough, the most important aspect of marketing by mail is consistency. Building a relationship with your audience takes patience, but is well worth the effort.

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