Q&A with Dan MacIndoe
March 16, 2017

Q&A with Dan MacIndoe

As part of Q&A Series we’re asking our resident photographer Dan MacIndoe some questions about his work.

Q: What types of photography do you enjoy shooting the most?

A: I love shooting urban and travel photography. There’s nothing better than exploring a new place with your camera and the excitement of being on the look out for the perfect shot. The next contender on a warm night would be star photography. I love the anticipation of a long exposure and waiting to see the result of the starry night sky.

Q: How has being a photographer changed the way you see the city?

A: Being a photographer has changed the way I see Toronto in a number of ways. The most literal being that it’s taken me to some incredible places across the GTA. Working at Iconica has given me access to some breathtaking views at the tops of condos along the waterfront. In my free time, exploring alleys and small side streets are my favorite way to discover hidden gems around the city.

Q: How would you describe your photography style?

A: Left Eyed.

Q: What type of equipment do you use?

A: Camera: Canon/Sony
Favorite Lens: Nifty Fifty

I’ve been shooting with Canon ever since I got into photography as a kid. I love their lenses and the ergonomic design makes it fun and comfortable to shoot. The menu and interface is pretty user friendly so as you get more experienced and work your way up to their higher end cameras, it makes the transition more technically seamless, so Canon has been my go to.

Q: What technological development has had the largest impact on your work?

A: The smartphone has been changing the game for years in the camera business. The clarity of the still and video images from something that fits into your pocket still amazes me. However in recent years, I would say aerial and drone photography has been the greatest technological advancement in the industry. The ability to capture images from previously unreachable perspectives is now just a short flight away, and some of the aerial footage people have been posting online has been mind blowing. It’s taken things to a whole other level!

Q: What’s the one location in the world that you would love to shoot?

A: I have a continually growing list of places I hope to travel with my camera. To short list a few based on which I’m most eager to photograph might be Iceland, Scotland and Japan. Each has compelling and unique landscapes and I think would be they would exciting to explore as a photographer with their distinct colours and architecture.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice that you ever received about photography?

A: Set your focus to infinity.

Q: A lot of people enjoy photography as a hobby even though they might not know much about taking photos. What’s the benefit of hiring you as a professional photographer?

A: Photography is a great hobby to pursue and explore your creativity with. I think the benefit to hiring a professional photographer is that not only do we come with a large list of gear, but the experience and training to capture images in the best possible light under any conditions. Taking great photos can be easy, but taking great photos every time time is what we strive to guarantee.