How social signals can help improve your organic rankings!
November 12, 2014

How social signals can help improve your organic rankings!

Have you every wondered why businesses are turning to social media to market their products and services? Ever asked yourself, do these businesses really get sales and leads through a social medium like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Instagram? Well the answer may surprise you. While there may not be a lot of direct sales action happening on these mediums, there is a surprising correlation between social signals and how you rank organically in search results…which ultimately leads to site visits and sales. What are social signals you might ask? Well simply put, they are how many tweets, re-tweets, Facebook shares, likes, and Google +1s a URL has.

So essentially, if you can get a following that will like and share your stuff, you will also rank higher in Google’s search results.

We all know that regardless of the business you are in, the majority of people do their initial research on a product or service online. We also know, if you want your product or service to get noticed, it’s key to show up on that first page of search results. However, what most of us struggle with is how to actually get there. Some people invest in an SEO expert to optimize their page, which is definitely important. But what about using social media to improve your organic ranking? Research shows that Google’s algorithms take into account social signals such as likes and shares to deliver the most relevant content to the searcher. So essentially, if you can get a following that will like and share your stuff, you will also rank higher in Google’s search results. Easy, right? Well we all know there is no magical formula to achieving social celebrity status, but here are some tips you can try to make your social feeds more well received.

  1. Share at the right time:
    Studies show that the best days to post are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at either 9am, 12pm, 3pm or 6pm depending on the nature of your business and who your consumers are.
  2. Share with a picture:
    Using an image in your post can increase engagement by up to 200%.
  3. Share with an engaging question:
    People are more likely to comment and like your post if you ask them a question.  It shows that you want and value their feedback.
  4. Use the right keyword hashtags:
    Given that hashtags allow users to find the types of content they are looking for, choose them carefully.  The goal is to find a balance between keywords that rarely get searched on and keywords that get millions of searches.  You don’t want your post to drown in a sea of other posts, but you also want to have keywords that will actually be searched on.

Don’t worry if you’re starting out slow, or struggling to get the engagement you are looking for.  It takes time to build a following, and there is a science behind it.  If you are looking for more immediate results, or don’t have the time and energy to invest in your social pages, we can help.  Iconica has experts that can manage all aspects of your social media pages on your behalf so you can focus on what you do best!

Write to us for more info how Iconica can manage your social pages!

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