Personal Branding is SELLING Yourself
March 16, 2011

Personal Branding is SELLING Yourself

Has anyone every told you it’s not who you know…it’s who knows you?  If not then how are you marketing yourself?

Branding shows your personality and identity of your business.  Having said that it will create a demand for your product/service. It not only gets you the clients you are targeting but it helps them make a emotional connection to you. Have you ever met someone and they handed you their business card and you were like “whoa nice card?”  Chances are that person will remember you and your card and refer you to someone in the future.  You can establish a great reputation that way and through branding get recognized in your industry by remaining consistent and building those relationships.

Branding facts:

• clients will likely transact with a branded service or product

• a strong brand provides proof that your business is competent and able to get the job done

• your brand will remind your client and every client of who you are

• branding is a organic communication tool that communicates to: you, your client and it expresses your personality

Perception is the key to definition. Define yourself and be the BRAND

Healthy Brand = Healthy Business!

So how do you get started? Call us to find out how!