Just Branded: 416-FOR-SALE
September 23, 2015

Just Branded: 416-FOR-SALE

We just wrapped up another Branding project at Iconica, and it looks great! Frances Zuccarini wanted to revisit using her business phone number (416-FOR-SALE) as her primary real estate logo. It was time for a refresh, and to create a design that would best reflect Frances.

416-for-sale logo - Iconica Communications

Through our branding exercises, we decided that a telephone along with a simple house shape would be the best way to support the number. Although almost everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket, still love the classic phone shape! It’s a logo that speaks to an older generation, as well as a younger one through the clean and contemporary style. We kept the colours close to the original 416-FOR-SALE logo: black and red these are Frances’s signature colours and red always gets a lot of attention.

416-for-sale branding sheet -  Iconica Communications

The logo is simple, bold, friendly and communicates everything she hoped it would. We’re looking forward to completing the rest of the 416-FOR-SALE marketing materials. If you think it’s time for a redesign, contact us and find out how we can help!