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Deborah Robinson - Iconica Communications

July 30th, 2020

Just Branded: Deborah Robinson Real Estate

We just finished a beautiful new rebrand for Deborah Robinson Real Estate. Deborah was looking for a sophisticated yet cozy and friendly design that would reflect the personalized experience of her services. An icon that could be used separately or in tandem with the brand name was something we unanimously felt would work best.  The […]

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Richard O'Brien branding

May 25th, 2016

Just Branded: O'Brien REALTOR® Group

We wrapped up yet another excellent logo project a few weeks ago at Iconica. The O’Brien Real Estate Team contacted us to help design their new logo. They were excited to create a high end, dramatic design that would reflect their business objectives. The O’Brien Team gave us some guidelines (they wanted a dark background […]

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Michael Carr branding

March 16th, 2016

Just Branded: Michael Carr

Simple, yet effective! Another Branding project done at Iconica! “Micheal Carr wanted a simple Monogram style logo representing him as a REALTOR. Going to my sketch book I explored many ways to showcase how letters that can resemble houses or roofs. Once I started to see how I could manipulate the “M” into a simple […]

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Helena Sedlak - Iconica Communications

October 07th, 2015

Just Branded: Helena Sedlak

We wrapped up another logo project this week at Iconica. Helena Sedlak was looking to create a cool logo that would suit the area of the city she works in (mostly Queen West). She wanted a logo that was very simple, modern and bold with a strong but neutral colour palette – something that would […]

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September 23rd, 2015

Just Branded: 416-FOR-SALE

We just wrapped up another Branding project at Iconica, and it looks great! Frances Zuccarini wanted to revisit using her business phone number (416-FOR-SALE) as her primary real estate logo. It was time for a refresh, and to create a design that would best reflect Frances. Through our branding exercises, we decided that a telephone […]

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