Infographics: A Powerful Digital Marketing Tool
August 26, 2015

Infographics: A Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

Businesses of all sizes are always on the look out for clever new ways to get noticed and attract more people to their brand. Digital marketing is a lot like fishing…you put on some bait and cast it out there into a big sea of prospects trying to reel in as many fish as you can. The most important thing that’s going to dictate your success is what you’re putting on the rod. Are you putting out meaty, interesting, shareable content that will get people’s attention or just going through the motions?
You can be investing in all the right types of online marketing (such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media (SM) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)) but if your content is run of mill, you’ll always fall short. We’ve talked about how professional photography and video can elevate your content, but infographics are a true digital marketing gem. Check out our latest infographic on why infographics are so powerful!
A well executed infographic can make your content more likeable and shareable. This means you are reaching and connecting with more prospective clients. This effect is further amplified when people use and reference your infographics, creating more opportunities for links back to your website. Links back to your website are viewed by search engines like Google as positive votes that people like your content. This can lead to your page ranking higher in search results.
Stay tuned for part 2 on how to create a visually captivating and compelling infographic. Need help creating an infographic to support your next blog, social media post, newsletter or advertisement? We can help! contact us for more info.
Stephanie Miles, Digital Advertising Manager, Iconica
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