How HDR Photography makes your listings stand out!
May 27, 2015

How HDR Photography makes your listings stand out!

A lot of our customers ask what we do that makes our property photography stand out.  They notice how our techniques bring out the subtle details in the home, how beautiful the sky looks in our exterior photos or how we can get a bright and beautiful interior shot while still showcasing the great views.  We thought we would let you in on our little secret in this week’s blog.  The technique we use to capture these spectacular images is called HDR (High Dynamic Range).  The technique involves taking a minimum of 3 photos at different exposures and piecing them together to capture a wider range of lights and darks in a photo.
HDR photography video

Bringing the outside in

Most property photos have a nicely exposed interior but are missing those beautiful views of the outdoors through the windows.  The windows are typically completely blown out leaving potential buyers guessing on the beauty that exists outside.  Since HDR takes photos at three different exposures and combines them into one tantalizing image, it’s possible to get more detail from outside.  Picture capturing a master bedroom with a bay window looking out to a lush green space.  A single view can sell a home!

Sublime skies

Ever notice how in most exterior home photography the house looks great but the skies are left looking lifeless and grey.  HDR photography properly exposes for both the house and the sky allowing you to pull out all the beautiful colours and clouds.  A colourful/dramatic sky brings vibrancy and life to a photo making the home look more visually appealing.

It’s all in the details

You know when you’re left with that feeling that “the picture just didn’t do it justice”.  In a lot of cases this is because some of the unique details that make a home truly special are lost. These details are often lost because some elements in the room are either too bright or too dark.  With HDR, you can capture the integrity of the space; the luster of those mahogany hardwoods, the character of the crown moldings or those fine-tuned textured design elements.

J.P. Miles
Photography and Videography Manager, Iconica


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