Why You Should Use Video to Sell a Property
March 28, 2023

Why You Should Use Video to Sell a Property

Video marketing—specifically the use of video to sell a property—is an excellent way to showcase a property to potential buyers and make a sale. According to recent stats on video marketing in real estate,

  • 44% of people are more likely to purchase something after watching a video about it.
  • On average, listings that leverage drone photography sell 68% faster than those without it.
  • Only 10% of recent home sellers reported that their agents effectively used video to market their property.

In fact, Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers stated that “51% of buyers found the home they purchased on the internet.”

It’s clear, a video is an effective tool for real estate agents, and employing it during the sales process can help to move a property much more quickly. This article discusses 7 reasons why real estate agents should use video to sell a property.

It’s Better than Photography

The use of video grabs attention, engages viewers, and communicates a property’s best features. Videos don’t require potential buyers to envision what a property could look like, as they can show exactly what buyers are getting in real-time.

It Tells a Story

Viewers of a video tour can take a virtual walk-through of the property, getting a real impression of the space when they can’t be physically present to experience it themselves.

It Sells the Experience

Showing off the property in motion gives a potential buyer a far better understanding of the space. Rather than scrolling through still photos, they can watch a living, breathing video tour of the property.

It’s Convenient

The use of video tours is more convenient for both the agent and the potential buyer. It frees up the agent’s time from constantly having to schedule viewings, but also allows potential buyers to conveniently view a property from the comfort of their own homes.

Agents Get To Be on the Camera

Real estate agents that use video tours get to appear on the camera, welcoming viewers and introducing the property. This gives them a chance to make a good impression and build their brand with potential new clients.

Easy To Share and Repurpose

Videos generate a lot of interest and are easily shared from person to person. They can also be repurposed for use in other marketing content, like social media marketing and paid advertising.

No Need to Be Present

A video tour can be easily uploaded to any online listing, giving potential buyers access to a property even if they can’t be physically present at a viewing. This frees up the agent’s time and allows them to pursue other leads and prospects while the video tour can do its work.

Ultimately, there is no reason why real estate agents shouldn’t be leveraging video to sell a property. Video marketing has proven to be an effective way to engage potential buyers and communicate a property’s features and benefits. It’s time for agents to up their game and include video in the real estate sales process.

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