Just Branded: Metro Endodontics
June 24, 2015

Just Branded: Metro Endodontics

We just wrapped up another exciting logo project here at Iconica. Metro Endodonics was looking for a new logo; previously, the group of doctors were using a monogram (representing the founder’s last names); but with an expanding team, they knew that it was time for a redesign. A modern, simple and more youthful logo was requested. We presented a variety of concepts and the Doctors were immediately drawn to one in particular: a hybrid of a tooth, the letter “M” for Metro, and the Toronto Skyline. We love how all of the elements of the logo work together to tell a story about who Metro Endodontics are. After many days of pondering colour options and fonts, we all decided on a pair of intense blues and a highly readable typeface. We’re very happy with the results and we know the doctors are looking forward to getting everything printed. Thank you Metro Endodontics!
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Metro Endodontics logo

The final logo

Metro Endodontic branding guide

Metro Endodontic’s brand identity guide.

Metro Endodntics - supporting items

Supporting designs: Business Card, Envelope, Letterhead and Referral form.