Event coverage, we’ve got you covered!
October 22, 2014

Event coverage, we’ve got you covered!

In a world that is so heavily immersed with online photo and video, and clients demanding that content be provided in video as well as text, we all have to change the way we do business to remain relevant. We are seeing this in real estate, but what about event coverage? Special event videos are key to promoting future events and creating overall brand awareness. They can also be educational for your clients, informing people of the success of the event and drawing people out to future events. After receiving many recent requests for event coverage, we thought we’d share the success of a recent project for Insiders Condo Club. This talented team knows what they’re doing and expect results. So when they asked for our help with their upcoming Garrison Point event, we knew it had to be something special. Garrison Point is a new condo development in Liberty Village and the event was held to pre-sell as many units as possible. But why create an event coverage video for this type of event? Well, their goals were simple… the video would drum up excitement about their future events, help promote their abilities, get other builders and developers interested in partnering with them in the future, as well as act as a recruitment tool to provide incentive to new agents to join their club. How successful was this event? Check out our event coverage video below and decide for yourself!


Interested in having us cover your next event? We can tailor your event coverage video to properly reflect your brand and achieve your specific objectives all within your budget. Whether it be your daughter’s bat mitzvah, a local fundraiser, engagement party, store’s grand opening or a large product launch…We’ve got you covered!

– Stephanie Pozzobon