ICONICA Blog | The Value of Professional Headshots
October 30, 2014

ICONICA Blog | The Value of Professional Headshots


The importance of your professional headshot.


In recent years, online social media platforms have provided a unique medium to allow introductions with strangers. This has resulted in an exciting opportunity to make connections like never before. Both professionally and personally, a single photo provides that initial introduction. With more and more business connections being made online, the significance of a professional headshot has never been more important.

A headshot is the first impression you make with a potential client, and your photo says a lot more about you than you might first think. Here are some of the key elements to remember in your headshot, to ensure you are seen in the best possible light.

1. It introduces you and your business.

Using a professional, high quality photo reflects what your business should be trying to portray. That you and your product or service is done with professionalism and quality. A great photo doesn’t always mean it’s a great headshot. A first impression goes a long way, and we can help ensure your headshot provides the appropriate introduction.

2. It creates trust.

Ensure your photo is up to date and you’re making eye contact. Having a photo taken 10 years ago doesn’t properly reflect the person they are dealing with today. Having an up to date photo fosters a trusting and honest relationship, and eye contact helps establish that you’re approachable and engaged.

3. It helps create a brand.

A lot of head shots look very similar. However, head shots should evoke a personality and be a representation of your business. If you and your business stand out, so should your headshot! We can help elevate your brand by creating an engaging image that sets you apart from the crowd.

4. Is it versatile?

Your headshot might appropriately serve one outlet, but not work for another. It’s important when taking your headshot to know where your photo will be posted or what it may be used for. Iconica’s photographers ensure the image quality is as high as possible, giving you the option to print as small as a business card, or as large as a poster. The composition of the portrait also plays a huge factor in the final image. We ensure the framing, background, and lighting is correct for your outlet, and gives you options to use the photo in a number of mediums.

Keeping these elements in mind will help ensure your headshot is a proper introduction to you and your business. Iconica’s trained photographers offer creative and professional solutions from snap to print. Working along side our graphic designers we ensure your photo meets the quality and specifications of your needs. Whether your headshot is going online, on a poster or business card, we’ve got you covered. Don’t let your head shots allow for any missed connections!

Professional headshots are key to how you represent yourself and your brand online. Gillian is making a sophisticated and professional first impression, while Nicky is looking to portray his edgy and fun personality. Very different looks, but both examples properly reflect the person and their brand.

– Dan MacIndoe