Building an Authentic Brand Story That Resonates With Your Customers
January 24, 2023

Building an Authentic Brand Story That Resonates With Your Customers

Your brand is more than just a product: it’s a story that makes your brand human, attractive, and noteworthy to your audience. Your brand story is the most important marketing tool that determines your brand’s survival, success, and credibility. However, the brand story is more than a sales pitch. You cannot build your brand’s story solely on the product or service and its value.

Why is a brand story so important, and how do you build one that makes you so much more worthy than your competitors? This handy blog talks about them in detail.

Why Is Brand Story Important?

A story has been scientifically proven to influence our cognitive ability, allowing our brain to have much more comprehension, anticipation, and receptivity to the actual message relayed throughout the story. Your brand story expresses who you are and what you stand for, and it serves as the foundation for the success of your brand. There is data to attest to this statement. 71% of consumers say it’s important to them that the values of the parent brand they’re buying from align with their own. A unique and authentic brand story decides your consumers’ perception of your brand and their relationship with your brand.

How Do You Build an Authentic Brand Story?

Your brand story is critical, but how do you create one that will help you stand out and outperform your competitors? Here are the most important elements a brand story should have, according to experts:

1. Personality: 

Personality is the first deciding factor in whether people will pay attention to or ignore a brand. Personality is important because it establishes an emotional connection with your brand. An emotional connection is necessary if you want to build a long-term relationship with your audience. 

2. Simplicity:

Simplicity is the key if you want someone to listen, understand, and remember your story. Begin by explaining the problem you want to solve, how you solved it, and how this will benefit your buyers. Don’t make the story complicated or long. It will lose its essence and distract your audience from the main focus. You only have scant seconds to capture your audience’s attention, and you can not do that with a complex message.

3. Relevance:

Your story must fit the why, how, and what effect of your product profile. It must be very simple and connect relevance to the logic, and the story must connect the logic in turn. 

4. Value:

Product value alone does not attract your customer’s trust, interest, and loyalty. It’s your brand value or your stand on social, political, and environmental issues. Data further attests that customers pay attention to brand values. According to the Sproutsocial report, two-thirds of consumers (66%) pay attention to a brand’s stands on social and political issues.

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