10 Ways to Turn Online Reviews into Loyal Customers
March 30, 2011

10 Ways to Turn Online Reviews into Loyal Customers

1)   Say “Thank you” for the review
The customer took the time write the good / bad review.  Always remember the information (especially negative) can be valuable in improving your business. In addition you can attract new clients reading the review based on your response.

2)   Just respond!
You have to think of your review as a conversation starter.   If you were at a social gathering and someone started talking to you, how rude would it be to ignore them? Also it would be nice to thank them for their business and maybe discuss the product.  Develop a relationship with them

3)   Stop! Wait! Cool off first!
If you received a negative review and it “rubs you the wrong way” don’t respond right away.  We all regret things we say when we are angry. Don’t have regrets.  Wait it out, be professional, it will work itself out in the long run. Then respond.

4) Don’t fake it
Fake reviews well is just lame. When you get that real genuine great experience review think about how great you feel.  When you can a bad review think of the potential improvement to your business.  Your goal should not be to lie to your clients… PERIOD

5)   Don’t underestimate the power of an apology
Not everyone says they are sorry. Show them you care if they had a bad experience and take responsibility for a solution. You will set yourself apart from other businesses

6)   Never EVER threaten a reviewer online
If you do simply put it will haunt you forever!  Obviously there is an exception if the reviewer is violating the guidelines  and terms of service

7)   Consistency is key
If you haven’t already implemented a protocols and procedures in handling complaints, might I suggest it to remain consistent.  Ideas: Refund? Discount on future order? Be consistent, you don’t want to get a bad reputation

8)   Reviews Improve!
Getting feedback directly from your consumers mouth is more valuable then you know. Take it seriously and use all feedback to improve your business

9)   Stay Positive
Be professional and positive constantly. A positive response to a good review reaffirms to the client they made a wise choice working with you. A positve response to a bad review will help mitigate the damage to your reputation

10)  Communicate with them – tell them what to expect
Exceed expectations.  People want to talk about a good experience.  Good experience equals good reputation. That in turn will generate more business for you!