5 Strategies for Marketing In a Recession
March 23, 2011

5 Strategies for Marketing In a Recession

  • Strategy 1:   Retain customers

  • Strategy 2:   Be Smart with your Investments

  • Strategy 3:   Monitor what you Spend

  • Strategy 4:   Focus on your Value Proposition

  • Strategy 5:   Be compelling and relevant

How to keep customers: Direct Mail postcards (Used as Sales Support for Customer Retention)
• Postcards should be personalized and express a simple thank you for your business/time
• Postcard should have a promotional offer or an offer that is valuable to the customer. This will increase the likelihood that an action will occur.

How to Invest: Assess and Refine your target market. Focusing on qualified audience most likely to be interested in your products and services is a key factor in marketing. Direct Marketing can help enable you to promote to right product to the right customer at the right moment.

How to Monitor what you spend: In order for you to determine what you spend and reinvest resources into channels that make sense and drive profitability, you must determine what is working! Consistently monitor your marketing spending can help you zone in on communication channels that offer the highest return on marketing investment.

Focus on your value proposition: Direct Mail can help keep a relationship with customers and provide the space to articulate information about your products and services in a non intrusive channel, allowing you to retain and respond at their convenience. Using creative direct marketing to differentiate your products from the competition may better position you to increase sales.

How to be compelling and relevant:
• Focus and sell benefits rather than product features
• Tell the consumer how your product or service satisfies a real need
• Create an offer that attracts attention, builds interest and drives an action
• Keep the layout and copy simple
• Personalize wherever possible. Show customers you know them and appreciate them
• Use strong calls to action: call or go to website