ICONICA Blog | Why brand yourself?
March 11, 2013

ICONICA Blog | Why brand yourself?

What is a brand?

forbesA brand isn’t just a logo, it’s the perception that a customer has about a product or service. Jerry McLaughlin of Forbes Magazine explores this idea in his article “What is a brand, anyway?”. He delves into the history of the word from it’s origins as a cattle marking system to what we know as a brand today.


A Brand is a Promise!

brand2We can’t stress the importance of a strong brand enough! Lois Geller, another Forbes contributor, explains that “you know what you’re going to get with a well-branded product or service”. Read this informative article and learn why she is “rendered speechless” when a client requests a “quick Brand”!


Do I need to stand out?whatisabrand.150320

Every day we are exposed to thousands of “brand messages”. It takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. TheFinancialBrand.com explores that idea in this video. It reminded all of us here at ICONICA that a successful brand makes a huge difference when it comes time for the consumer to make a choice! Think about an everyday product like cereal – when was the last time you went to the grocery store in search of a box of “Wheat O’s”? You probably wouldn’t because Cheerio’s is a more memorable brand.


Check Your Message!

soon-fatt.105054When branding your business, you may wish to avoid some of the mistakes others have made. Whole Foods has been called “Whole Paycheck” and, during the 1990’s, FORD took on the moniker “Fix Or Repair Daily”. These negative brand perceptions are not as bad as some of these restaurant names featured on  stocklogos.com. Who would want to eat at “Soon Fatt Chinese Take Away”? Take a look and have a big laugh!



A Brand is more than a logo. It is the identity of your business. You need a Brand to:
• Secure the emotional connection between you and your target audience.
• Establish your reputation and be recognized as the choice within your industry.
• Create a consistent message that helps people remember you.
• Build client loyalty. Loyal clients will refer more business to you.
• Demonstrate to your client that you will perform at a standard of service that is unsurpassed.
• Be more effective with less effort.  Let your Brand work for you.
• Motivate your client to see you as the only person that provides a solution to their problem.


• Clients are likely to transact at a higher price point for a Branded service or product.
• A branded product or service is 10 times more effective then an unbranded one.
• A strong Brand provides proof that your business is competent and able to get the job done.
• Your Brand is an organic communication tool. Your Brand communicates to you and your client. Your Brand expresses your personality. Your Brand experiences the relationship you have with your client. If your Brand is healthy, your business is healthy. Your Brand is you!
• Your Brand is a commitment your client telling them that you are the only one who can provide them what they need and when they need it.
• If you do not have a Brand, you must reset your relationship with your client every single time you interact. You will have to remind your client who you are, every single time.
• Perception is the key to definition. Define yourself. Be the Brand…