Over The Hump 2 :: Templated Websites are NAY ok!
February 13, 2013

Over The Hump 2 :: Templated Websites are NAY ok!

Templated Websites are NAY ok!

The question we often hear at ICONICA is “I have signed up with a web service and I have their basic template website, I would like to do something to make it look different from everyone else. Can you help?”

Until recently, our options were limited. We could create a banner on the top of the website. Maybe we could help the client edit their colours. But fundamentally what we could do was nothing more then “lipstick & hair dye”.

Now, we can really help!

We saw a desperate need for a fully functional, fully customized web service. Now it’s here! We have partnered with Real Web Solutions to bring the phenomenal functionality of their MLS compatible web platform together with the awesome graphic design & branding created here at ICONICA!

Now, instead of starting with a website template and decorating it, we can start by focusing on the client’s needs, content & branding. Then we can determine the visual layout & function of the website. We have absolute versatility to develop the best possible option for each client!

You might think, “is this important?”

Let’s try to take a step back to think about who the website is made for. Johnny Homebuyer, is browsing the Internet looking for a Real Estate agent in his area. He searches for  Toronto Real Estate Agent and is greeted with 11 MILLION Google hits! Johnny starts browsing agent sites and notices a trend; they are all the same.

In the modern world, our first experience with any major decision often takes place online. Whether it’s a car, a house, or a wedding proposal, the web points our way. The fact is that our first Real Estate agent is Google, and what we find there dictates which agent we chose.

From the first time a viewer hits your site you have less then 5 seconds to differentiate yourself from your competition. If you look like everybody else, if you won’t make a strong first impression. If you don’t have some kind of personality or if the site is boring, confusing or difficult to navigate, you won’t get a call and your competition will.

That’s where we come in. We can make sense of the madness, give form to function, and integrate your brand identity into the design of your website. Let us separate you from the competition and make the clients decision an easy one.