The 5 best ways to spend your digital marketing dollars
February 10, 2016

The 5 best ways to spend your digital marketing dollars

One of the most frequent questions our clients ask us is “What are the best ways to spend my digital marketing dollars?” Everyone has a budget, and it’s not always realistic to tackle everything all at once. So what are the “low hanging fruits” of digital marketing in 2016?

1. Visual Content

If your content isn’t visually engaging, then spending your precious marketing dollars promoting it is a waste. Think about how you can use video, infographics and photos to strategically promote. Video is one of the fastest ways to spread a message, and can be an asset to virtually any business. The always popular Infographics have been taken to the next level with Webgraphics; which visually convey statistics and facts that are clickable and therefore highly interactive. Finally, on social media you’ll see a lot of vivid photos with text overlays that catch peoples attention and get them excited to click.

2. Targeted Advertising

Use targeted advertising to reconnect with potential clients who have expressed interest once before. You can re-target those “could be” clients that have visited your page, but for whatever reason slipped away, with ads specifically designed to get them to re-engage with you. Also, target potential clients who are searching Google for your product or service, but not finding you organically with paid ads that show up at the top of search results.

3. SEO and Content Marketing

SEO is really the technical side of improving search rankings, but focussing on high quality engaging content plays a major role in improving site visibility. It’s important to be optimizing your site from a technical SEO perspective, but Google is putting more and more emphasis on quality content with the right amount of keywords and link usage. They are after all trying to present the client with the best possible information and experience.

4. Mobile

Not only are more people accessing their information on mobile devices, mobile conversions are up as well. So it’s important that your site is mobile friendly and makes it easy for clients to do whatever it is that you want them to do. Whether that’s making an online purchase, signing up for your newsletter or checking out your latest real estate listing.

5. Social Media

A strong social media presence is key to creating brand awareness. It personalizes your brand and allows you to connect with your customers in a very authentic and relatable way. Not to mention, it improves search rankings and can be used as another advertising tool that is easy to use and comes with pretty sophisticated targeting.

So, even if you’re not tackling these all at once, it’s important to prioritize which aspects of online marketing will have the best return and start there. Little by little you can get yourself in shape online and start seeing more leads and conversions. If you don’t know where to start, give us a call and we can give you a little guidance.

Stephanie Miles
Director of Digital Marketing