Setting Up Your Instagram Profile To Generate Leads
October 19, 2016

Setting Up Your Instagram Profile To Generate Leads

After the launch of Instagram for business back in May, it became an even better tool for businesses to promote. But most businesses aren’t taking advantage of these new features, or even leveraging what was already available to them before.

The new features include, the ability to:

  • Create an Instagram business profile with CTA button
  • View analytics about your posts with their new “business insights” tool
  • Promote (ads) directly from the Instagram app

So, other than running paid ads, what else can you be doing to set up your Instagram account to capture leads? Here are 3 simple things that every business should do, and it will take 15 minutes or less to set it up.

1. Turn your instagram account into a business profile with a Call to Action button

By creating a business profile, you’ll get access to all the new business features and insights available. But the major one that everyone is excited about is a convenient new call to action button located at the top of your profile that allows people to contact you in 2 easy clicks.

Setting Up Your Instagram Profile To Generate Leads

Learn how to set it up!

Now people don’t have to visit your website’s contact page and fill out a form, or whatever process you have for capturing leads. They can call or email you right away from their smart phones. Remember, the easier it is, the more leads you’ll actually get.

2. Include a link to your website or blog in your profile

This feature was available before Instagram for business was launched, and if you’re not taking advantage of it already, you should be.

Either include a direct link to your website, or if you’re frequently posting blogs, this is a good spot to include a link to your latest post. When you release the blog you can post about it on Instagram and let people know they can read the full article by clicking on the link in your profile.

It’s an easy way for people who are interested in your brand to learn more about your company, and yet another opportunity to capture leads.

3. Optimize your profile photo, name and description

These are the final components of a good Instagram profile. It’s always best to use your logo as your profile photo as it allows people to easily identify your brand and looks professional.

Setting Up Your Instagram Profile To Generate Leads

Your name should be your business name. You’ll notice for Iconica we used “Iconica Communications”. Our Instagram handle is which is perfect from a branding perspective because it’s also our website, but in the name field it’s better to include your full company name.

Finally, your description is the last, but one of the most important, pieces of the puzzle. This is an area where you can communicate:

  1. Who you are
  2. Your brand’s value proposition
  3. And any other information that sets you apart

So, as an example, for us at Iconica…

  1. We are a creative marketing company
  2. The value we bring to our clients is helping them promote and grow their business, by generating more leads. So, “Our business is to get YOU more business…” is a fitting slogan we recently came up with that summarizes the core of what we do.
  3. Finally we wanted to mention the specific services that we offer, as not all marketing companies offer a full suite of services like we do and our clients love the convenience of working with a one-stop-shop.

These 3 things are communicated simply and concisely in the 150 character limit and we’ve also thrown in a couple emoticons to support the message and spice things up. Take 15-20 minutes to get these things set up, and then you’ll be armed and ready to capture any leads that come from your social media marketing efforts.

If you have bigger priorities to attend to or aren’t confident with your social media skills, ask us about our social media management services.

Stephanie Miles, Director of Digital Marketing