10 Tips from our designers
October 11, 2016

10 Tips from our designers

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the design process from our clients. They want to know how they can best team up with us to facilitate a smooth process and get the best possible marketing materials. The design process can be mysterious and we’re happy to break down some of the misconceptions.
Here are 10 tips for our clients that we swear by:

1. Share samples & preferences with us before we begin.

We put a lot of time and thought into developing concepts. That’s why we ask for samples before the project begins. Samples and preferences (other logos you’ve seen, fonts you like, patterns you think are cool, or colours you’re curious about using) are great to review but we really like to see them at the start. This ensures that we’ll spend our time wisely on your project.

2. Focus on problems with the design, not on solutions.

If you want to get the most out of your time with your us, we ask you to focus on possible problems with a design and not solutions (we know, it’s tough!). For example, if you’re concerned that the colour or font choice won’t fit your target audience, let us know that and why you think it will be a problem. Then, let us work out the best solution.

3. It’s all about your business’s needs.

Don’t get too concerned with all of the little details in the design layout. It’s your job to run your business and it’s our job to worry about the details that make your marketing look great. When you review a design, the most important question is if it meets your business’s needs.

4. Explain why!

When someone says what they think of a concept, we ask them why they feel that way. Why don’t they like the font? Why do they think the logo should be placed in the corner? There are reasons for choices that we’ve made in a particular design. Telling us your concerns, and giving us the reasons why you feel the way you do will enable us to effectively tackle problems.

5. Don’t stick too strongly to your preferences.

We all have our opinions and preferences when it comes to design. At the end of the day, the question to ask with your designer is if works for your audience and if it meets the objectives you had in creating the project.

6. Design can be technical.

Creating an effective design is not the same as making a painting. There are printing and screen viewing considerations that go beyond our preferences. We may have made certain choices so that your logo or marketing piece will be viewed best in certain formats or conditions.

7. Please don’t ask us to copy!

We always encourage looking at your competition for inspiration. We also like looking to see what your competition is doing so we can make you stand out. However, we will never copy a design. We only create original work for our clients.

8. Avoid getting too many opinions.

Because everyone feels differently about design, showing a logo or design to too many people prolongs our decision-making. We want to get your marketing out ASAP, so you can grow your business. So, ask for opinions carefully and remember to ask “why”! You want to get more information for than “I like it” or “I don’t like it”.

9. Trust that your designer knows what works.

Your designer really does know what works. If you’re insistent on a change, ask your designer if they agree with you. You may unknowingly be asking for something that makes the design weaker or less effective. Or worse; asking for something that won’t print well. If you follow your designer’s advice, you’ll get the absolute best results.

10. Have fun!

It’s exciting to develop marketing materials for your business. And we’re just as excited for you.