Real Estate Marketing Through Social Media
August 26, 2020

Real Estate Marketing Through Social Media

Social media has now become an essential component of Real Estate marketing. The days of door-knocking have come to a halt, and online marketing is here to stay. It’s an incredibly effective way to stay in touch with your client base and to build leads. Here are our top tips on how to use social media to your advantage. 

The Personality of your Business. 

Every brand has a unique voice. To build the voice of your brand, you need to think of who your ideal client is and the type of message or imagery that they are drawn to and can relate to. What type of message do you feel your clients engage with? Are the messages informative? Are they funny or light hearted? Are they slightly sarcastic? Are they personal or strictly business-related? Define your tone of voice and keep that voice consistent throughout your social media marketing.

Profile Imagery  

We can’t say enough about using consistent brand imagery. Your audience should be able to find you and easily recognize your brand. Consistent use of your logo, brand colours, fonts, slogan, and the type of photography or watermark you use all contribute to this consistency. We highly recommend using the same logo for a profile image across all platforms, or a similar banner with a slightly different design but remaining constant in it’s feeling and tone. 

Creative Content  

Don’t fall into the habit of only posting photos of your listings. Your audience is looking for original content that makes them think or makes them laugh. Your posts can be educational or purely entertaining. It’s time to get creative! Think about sharing neighbourhood photos, testimonials, success stories, quotes, market-related info, interior design posts and lifestyle shots. 

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Schedules & Consistency 

One of the biggest challengers is to consistently publish content. To get the most out of your social media marketing efforts, you need to start posting on a regular schedule. Think about giving your audience something that they can expect. For example, a quote every tuesday or a “favourite home interior” every Thursday. Creating a post calendar ahead of time and preparing some of the imagery and text will allow you to not have to think about what you’re going to post all the time. You will only gain new followers if you are posting regularly, so don’t let this slide! There are social media management tools that can help. 

Engaging With Your Audience 

Social media is about community and developing connections. If you simply post but don’t engage with your followers, you’re really not using an app to it’s fullest potential. You’ll want to respond to all comments and questions in a timely manner, and also be reciprocal (when appropriate, you can like and comment on your follower’s posts). There is also the option to “go live” on many apps (such as Facebook and Instagram). It’s a great way to add additional video tours and show small details in your listings. 


Monitoring the results you get from social media helps you keep track of the effectiveness of your content on various applications. When you track likes, views, mentions and shares, you get a good idea of what type of content your audience appreciates. Track which apps are the most successful as well. You can then tailor your future posts to better reflect what your audience likes the most. 

The most recognizable brands are consistent on social media over a long period of time and it takes patience! Eventually you can build brand recognition through social media in an easy and cost-effective way. If you need help with marketing through social media, or you’d like to learn more, contact us for more details!