Iconica’s Raccoon Video for the City of Toronto Goes Viral!
April 15, 2015

Iconica’s Raccoon Video for the City of Toronto Goes Viral!


We just wrapped up an exciting new project for the City of Toronto and the results were amazing.  They asked us to put together a video of some pesky raccoons’ nightly foraging activities in our city’s green bins.  The goal was to capture their efforts with the current green bins we Torontonians use today.  Then capture their attempts on the new and improved green bin design; what Iconica has termed “The Green Bin 2.0”.

The team at Iconica quickly rigged a number of sophisticated night vision cameras in one lucky Torontonian’s back yard, and that night the fun began.  The final video captures these inquisitive yet pesky critters making easy work of the current green bin and feasting like kings.  Followed by some creative and strategic attempts on the Green Bin 2.0 and the disappointment that ensued upon not making entry.

You can watch the final video on the City of Toronto’s Youtube channel.  It’s currently at 109,000+ views and climbing.  Not to mention, the raccoon’s moment in the spotlight on a variety of Toronto news outlets such as The Star, CBC, CP 24, National Post, Toronto Sun, Global News, The Globe and Mail and Huffington Post.

Sometimes seeing is believing. If you have an idea, concept or message you’re trying to convey, video is the most powerful medium to keep your audience engaged and deliver a message. Iconica is excited to be working on some very creative and out of the box video projects lately. Have a vision for your next video?  We’re here to help you bring it to life!

Stephanie Miles
Digital Marketing Manager, Iconica