New Digital Marketing Services
January 27, 2022

New Digital Marketing Services

Looking for an online marketing solution? We’re proud to introduce Iconica’s full suite of digital marketing services!

In today’s market, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a strong, well-managed online presence and digital marketing plan. With more and more business being done online, and more customers/clients searching for who to work with on the web, digital marketing has swiftly gone from an optional addition in a traditional marketing plan, to an absolute necessity. If you’ve fallen a bit behind, all is not lost. The good news is, it’s easy to get started!

We’d love to get your business up to speed, and help you stay competitive. We’ve been receiving countless requests for a full range of digital marketing tools, and we’ve developed some great options. From simple DIY tools to full customization with a dedicated team, we have something for every budget and can help you decide where to start.

Here’s just a sample of what we’re offering:

SEO Services - Iconica Communications

SEO Services

Get a higher ranking in web searches! The vast majority of consumers search on Google before making a buying decision. We give small to medium businesses and franchises the visibility they need on desktop and mobile searches.

Digital Advertising

Whether your goal is to increase website traffic, drive more conversions, or succeed on social media platforms—our team of digital advertising strategists can help you get noticed by your target audience with Social, Search, Retargeting ads & YouTube ads.

Digital Advertising - Iconica Communications
Content Marketing - Iconica Communications

Content Marketing

It’s simple—blog content can boost your SEO and help you build trust with your customer base, but producing fresh, valuable content each month is time-consuming. Our team of creative writers can curate blogs that will keep your audience consistently engaged.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is hard to do on your own. You need to come up with a stream of relevant content and engage with customers across all social channels, every day. We help by giving your business one place to stay social. Generate leads, schedule posts and communicate with your followers.

Social Media Marketing - Iconica Communications

Reputation Management

Reviews, accurate business information, and social media activity impacts your reputation. You need a way to manage all of these factors. We can help! Monitor what people are saying about you online and improve your visibility. Stay in the know with automated alerts and progress reports to see how your reputation has improved.

SMS Text Services

We have the most complete SMS Software with Automated Engagement. Target your text messages with pinpoint accuracy to any contact and any audience! Collect, Target, Automate, Achieve!

Online Listings Management

Establish accurate business listings and rank higher in search engine results. Quickly establish accurate business information on Google Business Profile, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Understand how your business is performing on Google Search and Maps. Google Insights in Listing Builder provides a valuable glimpse into your customer’s activities.

…and so much more! 

We have a large assortment of services and can customize a plan based on your specific needs, or you can simply choose from our ready-made packages. Check out our full suite of digital marketing services here.

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