The must-have features of a real estate website
May 28, 2020

The must-have features of a real estate website

A business website is absolutely essential, especially today. Knowing exactly what features your website needs is not as simple as it appears. You might be tempted to copy at site that looks good but it may be missing crucial features that increase engagement. It’s a good idea to regularly evaluate your current site, ensuring that it’s as effective as possible. 

Here are the top features that we think every real estate site needs: 

1. It should be branded & personal.

A brand is what differentiates you from your competition. This distinction is not something to overlook when creating your site. You need to start from the ground up with a strong brand, as that’s the foundation of everything that you build. Your site should use your logo, brand colours, typographic style, and photography style and any other graphics that identify your brand. Brand positioning wise, a website for a real estate agent or team is slightly different from a company website. It should be much more personal, including team bios and a blog (ideally written in first person with the author clearly identified). 

2. It provides engaging and sought-after content. 

The user visiting your site might not want to sign up with you immediately. They may just be looking for content that tells them more about you. While the content you provide doesn’t need to be lengthy (shorter is often better), it should answer the majority of questions a visitor may have. When you create content for your site, make sure it is both educating the visitor (on your service, for example) and providing them with the content in an entertaining way. Well written and updated content will also greatly improve your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings. 

3. It utilizes lead captures and calls to action. 

Don’t wait for a visitor of your site to take action. If you want them to reach out to you, tell them directly. A call to action can be anything from a contact form, a graphic asking them to visit a certain section of the website, or an e-newsletter sign up. 

Kolt Real estate website

4. It has clear navigation.

Is your current site easy for the user to move around? Did you know that the easier a site is to use, the longer a visitor stays on it? When a user encounters a problem or a confusing element, they are more likely to leave the site. Browsing the web should be easy with a navigation system that has flow and never leaves the user trapped with the only way out being the “back” button. This navigation should have a clear contact button with all of your details. 

5. It has an active blog. 

Most of our clients underestimate the value of blogging. Many might make one or two posts and then drop off. And it’s understandable. When you’re busy, blogging can seem really unimportant. And it’s a time commitment. But we employ you to just start. Your blog doesn’t need to be perfect, it doesn’t need to be lengthy, it just needs to be consistent. Blogging is one of the best ways to establish authority and raise your SEO ranking. Beyond that, it’s a way that you can continue to educate your new clients about your business. Eventually you will develop your voice, and write about content that matters but you need to be brave enough to start and think long-term enough to continue.

6. It has multiple testimonials 

What you have to say about your service is important. But it will never come close to an outside recommendation. Don’t make the mistake of leaving testimonials off of your site. When you’re asking for testimonials, make it easy on your past clients to save time and send them a quick question and answer form. Questions on it could be along the lines of; “Why did you choose me?”, “What’s something I did that exceeded your expectations”, or “What would you say to someone who is thinking of using my services but isn’t 100% sure”. String the answers together in a way that works for you and, there you have the perfect testimonial! 

Toronto Downtown Condos website

7. It’s connected to IDX (for REALTORS®)

IDX (or Internet Data Exchange) is a system that allows you to automatically show MLS® property listings on your website. It keeps visitors engaged for longer and lets them browse the MLS® right from your site. You can show specific neighbourhood listings on a page dedicated to that neighbourhood. The ability to capture leads from people looking to buy property they see on your site is invaluable. IDX is a great addition to your real estate site that you shouldn’t skip. 

8. It’s connected to your social media accounts. 

There are many social media platforms available, and they are an excellent way to market your business. Adding them to your site will boost your SEO as well. Our tip is to only add the ones that you use. Social media is the biggest indicator of current activity. Don’t post unused or barely used social media sites. If a visitor sees that you haven’t posted anything in months, they may simply assume you’re no longer in business or that real estate isn’t your full time job. Social media use will only increase, so think about implementing a plan to maintain your accounts and increase activity.  

If you take all of these tips and combine them into a mobile-responsive, secure site, then you’re ready to conquer the market! Does your website need an update or a complete overhaul? Contact us and we’d be happy to help.