The benefits of WordPress websites
May 22, 2020

The benefits of WordPress websites

Even if you know very little about web design, you’ve no doubt heard of WordPress. Since 2003, it has steadily climbed to become the most popular blogging site builder and content management system available. It does so much more than help build blogs—it’s used for everything from small personal sites to large multi-national businesses. In fact, almost one third of all websites in the world run on WordPress!

If your business site is not on WordPress yet, here’s a few benefits and why we think you should consider making a switch: 

1. It’s so easy to use. 

Yes, even for a beginner! WordPress can be used by almost anyone, even if they have minimal web or technical experience. It has a very intuitive interface. The dashboard has all of the features you need to customize your site and change the content. It’s so easy to change an image, format text, add a video file or add a blog post (all without confusing coding). In fact, if you don’t want to code, you can completely avoid it.

Wordpress dashboard - Iconica Communiations

2. No additional software is needed.

WordPress is a totally a self contained browser-based system, you won’t need additional HTML/FTP software to build or edit your site. Either choose a template or work with a pro web designer (like us) to get you started and give you a bit more customization within your WordPress site and add in some special features. The best part of it being browser-based is that you don’t even have to be on your main computer to make the update, you can do it from any browser!

3. It gives you more control. 

You will never have to wait for a simple change to be made to your site. See a spelling mistake? No problem—you can easily make the correction or an update yourself. This feature alone saves so much time. You also have complete control over what your site looks like. It’s completely customizable! 

4. It’s helps you rank higher in searches.

If you build a site, you want to make sure your audience can find it. WordPress makes SEO (search engine optimization) so simple. If you’ve struggled with a low ranking site, here’s some good news – WordPress sites rank higher on Google (and other search engines) for keywords. They’re sites that are coded in a way that make them easier for search engines to read. WordPress has SEO tools for pages and posts including an easy system for adding meta tags.

5. It creates mobile-responsive sites.

How does your current site look on your phone? If it was built for a desktop only, it’s probably doesn’t look too great. With more people searching on their phones, mobile-responsive sites are an absolute must-have. If your site is not mobile-responsive, it’s really time to make the switch. It will also positively effect your Google ranking (as Google prefers sites with responsive layouts). 

6. It’s the best for blogging! 

WordPress is by far the best for publishing your blog. It’s a built-in feature that is incredibly useful for any small business. This means you don’t have to create a separate blog, it’s right on your site and ready to go. 

7. It’s flexible and expandable as your business grows. 

You can update the site as your business changes and grows. Building your site on WordPress means that it will be totally scaleable and still load amazingly fast. You can add everything your site may need from a shopping cart, event calendars, galleries, a twitter feed or your newly developed podcast. You’ll find that WordPress is constantly adapting and updating it’s features and you will be able to shift and change your site over time rather than redesigning it.

8. It has awesome support. 

Since WordPress is open source, it has a strong community of web designers and developers who can offer you free advice and support.

With such an incredible range of features, plugins and a solid interface, it’s easy to see why WordPress is our web-building platform of choice. Contact us if you’re interested in talking to us about switching over.