How eye surgery turned into a corporate video
March 11, 2015

How eye surgery turned into a corporate video

At Iconica, we’re always looking for ways to help businesses boost their online presence, even when we’re heading in for eye surgery! Last year, a member of the Iconica team decided to get her vision corrected.  But when deciding where to go she found it difficult. There wasn’t any information out there that gave her the comfort level she needed to take the plunge. Then she found Bochner Eye Institute!

Bochner has an amazing reputation, not just in Toronto, but all over the world for having the best surgeons and equipment. They also have an excellent website with quality information and testimonials from various sports legends and celebrities.  All in all, they represent themselves really well online, except something was missing. They needed a captivating video to educate and engage viewers in a way that only video can.

What Dr. Raymond Stein, MD had to say:

For over 85 years, the Bochner Eye Institute in Toronto has invested in innovative ways to promote our brand.  As a market leader in refractive surgery, we were delighted to work with Iconica to produce a first-class, dynamic video to tell the story of Bochner. We recommend Iconica without hesitation to anyone who wishes to educate and inspire the consumer!

Dr. Raymond Stein

Medical Director, Bochner Eye Institute

We felt they could really benefit from a video that showcased their amazing location, world-renowned surgeons/technology and showed a normal everyday person getting the procedure done. A video like this would give people deciding to take the plunge the confidence they need. So we spoke with Dr. Stein; the medical director; about our idea. He was very excited about the concept and quickly gave us the green light.

Throughout the project we worked closely with Dr. Stein and their marketing team to identify the messages they wanted to get across and their overall vision for the video. The final product allows the public to travel to the clinic (virtually!) for a guided tour of the facility and a sneak peek of the surgical procedure. This allows potential clients coming from outside of the city, or even the country, to get a better feel for the Bochner experience.

The team at Bochner was really pleased with the final product, and they are currently discussing their next video ideas with Iconica.

Thank you Bochner!

Stephanie Miles
Digital Advertising Manager, Iconica