The biggest mistake REALTORS® make with neighbourhood videos
June 23, 2016

The biggest mistake REALTORS® make with neighbourhood videos

Neighbourhood videos. It seems like everyone is doing them these days, or at least some version of them. When done right, they can be an excellent tool to promote yourself and establish yourself as an authority in the area.

But the biggest mistake most agents fall into is that they get lost in creating an informative video promoting neighbourhood X, Y or Z, and they forget WHY they’re actually making the video in the first place. To promote themselves.

It’s impossible to pull off an effective neighborhood video that appeals to both buyers and sellers.

We’ve had many agents come to us wanting to create a onesize fits all video for the neighbourhood(s) they specialize in. They want to highlight all the amazing qualities of the neighbourhood to entice potential buyers, while simultaneously establishing themselves as an expert who knows the neighborhood inside and out to appeal to sellers.

The reality is, when we ask agents to tell us their single most important reason for creating the video, it is almost always to attract more listings.

The most crucial aspect to any marketing push is to focus on who you’re targeting and tailor your message so it really connects with them. Neighborhood videos are no different. It’s impossible to pull off an effective neighborhood video that appeals to both buyers and sellers. But here is what you should be doing…

Define Your Audience

Decide what is most important to you. Are you trying to promote the neighborhood to potential buyers and at the same time position yourself as an expert who can find them their dream home at a fair price?

Or is your goal to establish yourself as a neighborhood expert with a wealth of selling experience that will ultimately translate into them getting top dollar for their home? The message is very different depending on who you are targeting.

Tailor Your Video To Connect With That Audience

Determine your budget and who you’re targeting. If budget permits, we usually recommend creating two videos, one speaking to buyers and the other to sellers. It’s also wise to create these videos at the same time since a lot of the footage can be recycled.

However, if your budget is tight, pick the audience that you feel will get you the greatest return, and tailor the message to them. Use that precious 12 minutes wisely. Focus on your knowledge of the area and what makes you the right person to work with. Maybe even consider interviewing past clients or local businesses who can attest to your experience and professionalism in the area.

Do It At The Right Time Of Year

The best time for shooting neighborhood videos is during the spring and the summer. It’s no secret that neighborhoods always look more vibrant and alive with blue skies, greenery and people outside enjoying the nice weather. If you’re interested in creating neighborhood videos that you can use all year long to promote yourself, now is the time.

J.P. Miles, Director of Photography & Video