Acer releases new series tablet computer called Iconica
December 28, 2010

Acer releases new series tablet computer called Iconica

2 screens of the Iconica

It’s looks like another major technology company wants to compete with Apple’s IPAD, however the new Iconica from Computer Manufacturer ACER takes a slight spin on the infamous tablet and recreated it with 2 screens! The Taiwanese manufacturer is offering three new tablet PCs as well as the Iconica.

They have added a second screen so you get twice as much screen and can use them in new and creative ways. It has some interesting technology under the hood courtesy of a Core i5 CPU, up to 4GB of RAM, up to 750GB of storage, an optional 3G module, and — lest we forget — a USB 3.0 port.

I have to say I do like the name of this product, although there is no relation to my company ICONICA Communications Inc. I might hold off getting my iPad to see how Acer’s Iconica will hold up to the competition. Will it integrate into my life so well like the Apple iphone did a couple of years back or is it just another PC that won’t talk to my Mac and limit the full potential of the tablet? Only time will tell as the Acer Iconica is expected in spring 2011.

Acer Iconica in action