10 Holidays must reads that will change your life in 2017
December 15, 2016

10 Holidays must reads that will change your life in 2017


The holidays are upon us, and soon enough we’ll be launching into 2017 and doing our best to make it even better than last year. We all have hopes of being more successful, productive and fulfilled in our lives, but what are we really doing to change things?

The best way to make real lasting changes in our lives is to stand on the shoulders of those before us who have blazed the trail and given us the information and tools to be better. Here are 10 books that we’ve collectively read, or are reading, at Iconica that have ignited a huge transformation in us, both as individuals and in business.

Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers

By Timothy Ferriss

Written by Tim Ferriss, bestselling author of The Four Hour Work Week and successful podcaster. Tim’s passion and obsession is picking the brains of the most creative, intelligent and successful people on the planet and dissecting what makes them great. Tools of Titan’s is a brilliant accumulation of tips, strategies and tools that Tim has collected over years of interviews with these seemingly super-human individuals.

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By Jason Fried

A slightly unorthodox read that flips traditional business advice on its head, provoking you to change the way you think about your business. Learn to be more productive and get your brand out there with seemingly counterintuitive strategies and techniques that are sure to both stretch and inspire you.

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Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

By Elizabeth Gilbert

From the best selling author of eat, pray, love, Elizabeth Gilbert shares her own personal evolution and unique insights she gathered along the way on creative living. She challenges us to let go of suffering and fully embrace our curiosity through a nurturing and inspiring approach.

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All Marketers are Liars Tell Stories: The Underground Classic That Explains How Marketing Really Works and Why Authenticity Is the Best Marketing of All

By Seth Godin

Bestselling author and frequent speaker on Ted Talks, Seth explores how important storytelling is in today’s marketing landscape, as well as how it can backfire if the story you tell isn’t authentic to your brand.

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Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

By Seth Godin

Published initially in 2003 and then revamped in 2009, Seth inspires us to think differently about our marketing efforts and see things through a new set of eyes. He shares stories of the world’s most influential brands (Starbucks, JetBlue and Apple to name a few) sparking a movement to make truly remarkable products that are worth marketing in the first place.

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Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

By Robert B Cialdini

A classic read on the psychology of persuasion that explores why people say “yes” and how understanding people’s core motivations can profoundly change so many aspects of your life, including your business.

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The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: Violate Them at Your Own Risk!

By Jack Trout

An oldy but a goodie. Written in 1994, this book stands the test of time, even in today’s digital age. This book, or roadmap, is a complete guide to launching and maintaining a successful product or brand.

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Turning the Mind Into an Ally

By Pema Chodron

One of the biggest constants when you look at the lives of the most successful, influential and happy people on the planet is the simple act of meditation and incorporating mindfulness into your day to day life. Pema provides huge insight and actionable advice on how one can reclaim peace and clarity in even the busiest and most troublesome minds.

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How to Win Friends & Influence People

By Dale Carnegie

This one has been around for over 60 years but still rings true to this day. Hundreds of thousands of successful business people credit this book with propelling their careers and lives into a place of abundance and fulfillment. Everything in life comes down to people and mastering the art of persuasion while at the same time remaining liked and respected is an absolutely priceless skill.

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Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

By Carol S. Dweck

After years of research, this world-class Stanford psychologist realized that a person’s mindset has a tremendous impact on their ability to succeed. Carol argues that people who believe their abilities are ‘fixed’ are much less successful that those who believes their abilities can be developed through solid strategies, mentorship and hard work.

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