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Our Blog - Iconica Communications

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May 23rd, 2023

Why Every Business Needs a Newsletter: Benefits and Best Practices

If you’re a business owner or a real estate agent, staying connected with your clients and customers is key to maintaining relationships and growing your business. One of the most effective ways to do this is by sending out a print and mail newsletter.  Read on to explore the benefits of sending out a newsletter […]

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Business growth reports - Iconica Communications

May 16th, 2023

Harnessing the Power of Online Performance Reports for Business Growth

Assessing your business’s online presence has become crucial in today’s world. Our online performance report can evaluate your business’s marketing categories, such as listings, SEO, social media, digital advertising, reviews, and website performance, providing an automated needs assessment report. Read on to learn all about online performance reports and how to access yours. Understanding Our […]

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Omnichannel marketing

May 09th, 2023

Boost Your Business with Omnichannel Marketing Using Local Ads

Most North Americans are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day, which means it can be hard to stand out from your competition if you don’t have the right marketing strategy in place. So, what steps can local businesses and real estate agents use to reach their target clients at the right time? One […]

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Live chat - Iconica Communications

April 25th, 2023

5 Reasons Why You Need Chatbots for Your Website

Artificial intelligence has simplified operations in many industries, and the real estate industry is also adopting several aspects. One of them is using chatbots for real estate websites. The small dialogue boxes that open when a user opens a website have more benefits than meets the eye. Here are some reasons you should opt for […]

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Stems & Forks Book design - Iconica communications

April 18th, 2023

Print Is Not Dead

When you think of print—books, magazines and newspapers—it can seem like it’s being left behind in the digital age. However, print is still an important part of many people’s lives, and it is definitely not dead. A 2017 report from Statista found that print is still the most popular form of reading material in the […]

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Recording property video: Iconica Communications

March 28th, 2023

Why You Should Use Video to Sell a Property

Video marketing—specifically the use of video to sell a property—is an excellent way to showcase a property to potential buyers and make a sale. According to recent stats on video marketing in real estate, In fact, Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers stated that “51% of buyers found the home they purchased on the internet.” […]

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Copywriting - Iconica Communications

February 21st, 2023

What Is Copywriting? What Are the Five Most Important Types of Copywriting?

An effective marketing strategy will include a mix of both print and digital marketing materials to expand your business’s reach and attract more customers. However, witty copywriting that highlights the best aspects of your services is what makes your marketing materials a success among customers, drawing their attention to your brand and increasing sales.  What […]

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Google My Business - Iconica Communications

February 07th, 2023

Why You Should Take Advantage of Google My Business in 2023

There are thousands of businesses out there that offer products and services that are similar to yours. How do you make it easier for potential customers to find you in the competitive digital marketplace? One of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve is to optimize your Google My Business profile. Not only […]

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Mobile surfing

February 01st, 2023

Beginners Guide to Retargeting Ads

Are you looking for a way to stay in front of potential customers and convert them into lifelong customers? Retargeting ads provide a solution. Retargeting advertisements are a powerful tool for reaching customers who have already visited your website and motivating them to take action.  What are Retargeted Ads?  Retargeting is a type of online […]

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What is your story: Iconica Communications

January 24th, 2023

Building an Authentic Brand Story That Resonates With Your Customers

Your brand is more than just a product: it’s a story that makes your brand human, attractive, and noteworthy to your audience. Your brand story is the most important marketing tool that determines your brand’s survival, success, and credibility. However, the brand story is more than a sales pitch. You cannot build your brand’s story […]

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