August 31, 2016

Iconica videos that went viral and got over 335k views combined

The elusive viral video. It’s become a pretty slippery goal in the world of video marketing, and to many businesses it just doesn’t seem attainable. But I’m here to tell you that it is! With the right ingredients, it’s possible create videos that are so captivating and shareable, they spread like wildfire. Just imagine the exposure this could provide for your business.

Here at Iconica we’ve had a couple brushes with viral videos ourselves. The first video we created that went viral was for the City of Toronto when they were launching their new Green Bin 2.0. Their new pest-proof green bin design. They wanted to showcase the new design with a video of Toronto’s most despised night time bandits trying to break in.

We shot the video of the racoons trying to break in over a few nights using high end surveillance equipment, and then edited together a simple, yet entertaining, video of the perplexed racoons trying to gain entry.

Toronto Green bin 2.0 viral video

When the City of Toronto posted it on their YouTube channel, it quickly spread across news media and all over the city and the world. It now has over 145K views on YouTube alone and is one of their top 5 most watched videos of all time.

When the City of Toronto posted it on their YouTube channel, it quickly spread … It now has over 145K views on YouTube alone…

The second viral video we’ve made was for Kanto. A Filipino street food vendor in Market 707 (Dundas and Bathurst). Kanto wanted to make a video that told their story and would effectively draw in more business.

The results were far beyond what any of us had imagined. The video was posted to Kanto’s Facebook page with absolutely zero advertising budget, and quickly spread across the city with share after share from the Filipino community, hipsters and other supporters.

Kanto's viral video

The video now has over 190K views on Facebook alone and has brought the owner visible and measurable results in her business. Since the video launched, Kanto sold out every day for the next week and after five days sales were up 300%.

The point of this blog is not to say that Iconica videos will always go viral. It’s never that simple…But it can happen for anyone.

Now I don’t want to confuse people. The point of this blog is not to say that Iconica videos will always go viral. It’s never that simple. Just that, when a video is really well thought out and the proper budget is put towards the project, that it is in fact possible. It all comes down to the shareability of the content, the audience and the business itself. But it can happen for anyone.

So next time you’re considering making a video to promote your business, challenge yourself to think outside of the box. Generic doesn’t work. So think of a concept that’s thought-provoking, informative, funny, shocking, interesting, or entertaining in some way. Something that you yourself would want to watch and share.

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