Connecting with your clients
April 1, 2020

Connecting with your clients

Proactive ways to maintain a client-focused real estate business. 

Dear Iconica Clients,

The health and well-being of our collective community is of course top priority. I hope that you and your family and friends are staying safe and doing well! 

I know from the countless calls and messages I’ve received that the COVID-19 virus has created concerns about exactly how your business will need to change to continue to operate. We are all adjusting to a different way of working and we hope the changes are effective at making a positive impact. Here are some ideas to help keep your business moving as smoothly as possible. 

Let’s talk about focusing on your clients. 

Connecting with clients - Iconica Communications

Just as you have concerns, it’s important to remember that your clients have major concerns as well! They’re wondering about the future and could use your professional advice on what COVID-19 means for the housing market. Will their home retain it’s value? Will income changes effect their long term real estate goals? If they need to sell their property, will they be able to? Are they still able to rent out vacant units? Should they wait to buy if they see a property that they want to purchase?

Now is a crucial time for you to educate your clients (and potential clients), addressing some of their concerns and letting them know that yes, you’re still there for them. You may not have all of the answers (especially when it comes to economic changes!), but that’s okay. An important part of business is the personal relationships we build and how we support each other. At this time more than any other, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open with the people who you have helped make major life decisions and moves.

It’s up to you to remember that your business has your clients in mind at all times! I employ to you to say connected with your clients and think about what their needs are right now. If you prefer connecting face-to-face (as so many of us do), some of these ideas might have been underused in your business. It’s the perfect time to reach out to your client base in a new way and strengthen those connections.

Here’s a small list of how you can make and maintain meaningful connections with your clients: 

Social Media

There is a natural increase in the use of social media as people are spending more hours at home and more time on their devices. Take the opportunity to reach out through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, letting people know they can still get in touch with you even just to ask some questions. Providing your clients with pertinent updates on the housing market, the economy in general and even home maintenance are all great ideas. You can also post enjoyable or relaxing content to give some much needed relief from the news! Maintaining or increasing your use of social media right now is a must-do. 

Connecting with clients - Iconica Communications


Is your website well branded, attractive, up to date and running smoothly? With more businesses moving online, it’s important that your site is easy to find, easy to navigate, and provides your clients and potential clients with all of the information they need about you and your service. If you haven’t yet defined the unique aspects of your service and exactly what you provide to your clients that no one else can, now is the time. 


I have been hearing for a long time that our clients don’t have time to write a business blog or have had the intention to but haven’t gotten around to it. Do you have more time now that you’re working from home? Your blog remains one of the strongest ways to stay in touch with past clients and connect with new potential clients, providing them with valuable information and also as a way of keeping your website current and up-to-date. Use your blog as an interesting platform to post information about listings, changes in news or even your new home office set-up! Don’t make the mistake of only posting your blog to your site, but make sure you set it up for email delivery as well (get in touch to ask us how).

Direct Mail

This is a good time to send direct mail to your farming area as Canada Post is up and running! We’re still sending postcards and newsletters out on a daily basis. You can also send addressed mail with more personal written messages (ideally on your branded letterhead). Right now, I believe your mail has very high potential to be read. 


Schedule dedicated time every day to phone your past clients. Ask if they have any questions about real estate and just take some time to chat. If they have any concerns, let them know that you are always available to answer their questions. You can also direct them to your blog and social media accounts to stay better connected.  


Finally, let’s not forget about listings. Open houses have been temporarily suspended but you still have a wide variety of options to effectively market your listings that don’t involve person-to-person contact.

  1. Listing Presentations (for emailing or drop-off before your on-camera or phone meeting!)
  2. Property Photography
  3. Video Tours
  4. Single Property Websites 
  5. Feature Sheets (for emailing or drop-off)
  6. Postcards (Just Listed Cards)
  7. Instagram and Facebook Stories and Posts
  8. Online Advertising (Google, Facebook, Instagram)
  9. …And more! 

Numerous Iconica clients have sold properties “sight unseen” using video, photos and a dedicated website for the home that stores all the useful information a prospective buyer would need to make an informed decision.

You want to be there for your clients and show them that you’re still available and that they can reach out to you. When business starts running as usual again, your customers will remember the continuity of your service and the trust you built knowing that you were available to address their concerns and answer their questions. 

– Trevor Joyce