5 blog secrets that will dramatically increase your subscribership
August 3, 2016

5 blog secrets that will dramatically increase your subscribership


1. People love lists

Why? It’s simple. Lists are easy to digest and appeal to people with short attention spans. Not everyone is going to read your full blog. There are plenty of people who will be interested in learning from you, but want their information quick.

How many times have you yourself scrolled through an article just to get the info you wanted, and then split? Make it easy for people and you’ll be rewarded with subscribers.

2. A good title is crucial

Don’t beat around the bush. It’s important to let people know what the article is about and more importantly what’s in it for them. For example, the title of the blog you’re reading right now tells you 2 things as a reader…

  1. The blog is about blog secrets from Iconica
  2. The secrets they’re sharing will help me get more blog subscribers

So if I’m a business using blogging to build my email list and extend my reach, right away I know this is something I should read.

Typically it’s best to stick with a title between 7-12 words, although there are always exceptions. Remember, your titles should intriguing and get people curious enough to click and learn more. You’ll notice the title of this blog was 9 words long. Yes, we do follow our own advice!

Also, don’t be afraid to get creative and make your titles unique and exciting. We are so bombarded with content nowadays you need to really sparkle if you want people to click. To get your wheels turning, here are a few examples of highly clickable blog titles…

10 Health hacks that will leave you feeling 10 years younger
How this agent sold her home for 100K over asking
7 copywriting tips that would surprise even the gurus

3. Get crafty with your social captions

While we are pretty confined with what we can put in our title (moz recommends staying within 70 characters), social media captions are a place we can really go nuts and pull out all the stops to get people to click.

Create some intrigue, and don’t be afraid to make it somewhat personal. It’s way easier for people to connect to people, than to a business. So for an article like, “10 health hacks that will leave you feeling 10 years younger”, you might consider a caption like…

#7 totally shocked me, but it actually worked!
#3 is now a go to in my morning routine


Wish I knew these 10 years ago…

Also, depending on the social platform, throw in a few relevant hashtags. Hashtags make your blog searchable. So it’s another opportunity for you to reach beyond your existing following and tap into another pool of potential followers. For example, if you use the hashtag #torontorealestate, your post can be found by anyone who clicks on or searches that hashtag.

Learn how to choose the right hashtags

4. Show some link love

Ever notice how great blogs always seem to link to other sources? This is no accident. Links make your blog even more useful by giving your readers additional resources and information.

This could mean linking to other pages on your own site, or linking to other authority sites in your industry. Either way, you’re adding value for your readers, and you never know, other sites that you link to may end up sharing your blog as well, giving you even more exposure.

You’ll notice in this blog we linked to an outside source (Moz), and we also shared the link above to a previous blog we wrote on How to choose the right hashtags for your posts. Hope you found them helpful!

5. Content is king

You can do everything else right, but if your blog isn’t interesting, funny, educational, inspiring or something that would add value to your readers life, they will likely bail as soon as they start reading and definitely won’t subscribe.

Depending on your business and the blog, you might want to start with a story. People love stories. It’s been engrained in our brains since childhood and an easy way for us to make sense of the world. Also, once people start reading a story they typically will stick around to hear the ending.

There are also some types of blogs that have the potential to go viral if they are executed well. So if you are trying to grow your subscribership you may want to consider these…

1. The Comprehensive Guide

Basically you create a super resource for anyone wanting to learn everything there is to learn about a certain topic. For example, if it was us at Iconica, we might consider writing…

Creating a Facebook ad that will get more people to your open house

In the blog we would include all the steps required to set up a Facebook ad, and how to optimize it to get people attending your event. This would be an amazing resource for realtors looking to promote, and chances are if it helped them get more foot traffic at their open house, they are bound to subscribe to our newsletter and keep tuning in.

2. The Industry Round Up

This type of post is trickier to nail, but depending on your business, and how well connected you are, you might consider an industry round up where you gather tips, quotes or other resources from the industry’s best. Again, for us at Iconica we might consider writing…

Toronto’s top marketing gurus share their secrets

This kind of post works for 2 reasons…

  1. the blog is jammed packed with super beneficial tips for your readers
  2. often times the experts in the roundup will share your blog, getting it far more exposure then you would on your own.

3. The Case Study

Businesses have been using case studies for as long as I can remember, and for good reason. Real life stories are the best proof that something works, and they are incredibly relatable. At Iconica, we might write:

How this agent turned a $3k ad investment into a $60k commission

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Stay tuned for our next blog on How video blogs build a killer connection with your audience.