Web Q&A with Daniel Yoshizawa
September 21, 2016

Web Q&A with Daniel Yoshizawa

Iconica’s own web designer/developer Daniel Yoshizawa, answers a commonly asked question about when and why you might want to redesign your website.

Q: How do I know if I need my website redesigned?

A: Sometimes an adjustment or modification is more appropriate than a complete redesign. Other times, a complete redesign is needed.

Q: What are some of the questions you ask your clients to determine if they need a new site?

A: There are 5 key questions that I ask.

1) Is your site accomplishing what you want it to do?

What do you want your site to do? Try to be specific, and you’ll get a better idea of whether your site needs a modification or a rebuild. For example, if the site’s job is to make money, then how? By selling products? By creating potential sales leads? If your site’s aim is to sell products, is it generating any sales? If not, why? Sometimes fixing your site is the solution. For example, improving navigation to make products easier to find could improve it. Other times, the problem is not with the site itself and you may need support from other marketing tools, such as Search Engine Marketing so that your site is easier to find.

2) Is it mobile-friendly?

More people are going to be checking out your site via their cell phone. Some statistics are indicating that at least half of the users are surfing the web with their phone. It’s important that your site is mobile friendly. On top of that, making your site mobile friendly also means that it’s more likely to be seen on Google.

3) Can you maintain your site?

Your site’s content needs regular attention to show that you’re up to date. Are you able to make regular posts that show that your website is active? A lack of updates gives the impression that you may be neglecting your business. If you can set aside time to write the content, there are good content management systems that will help you save time with the technical side of things.

4) Is your brand or business model going to change?

Are you going to be changing the look/feel of your logo and branding? Are you going to be changing services offered? If your business is seeing a major change, it should be reflected in your site. If your logo is changing but your website is already great, it’s possible that a change in colour and fonts will refresh your site.

5) Does your site feel dated?

If your site looks as if it was made in the 90’s, it may be time for an overhaul to show visitors that you’re still in business and up to date with current trends. Again, it’s about making sure that your site appears up to date and active.

Q: Can our blog readers contact you for your opinion on their site?

A: Yes! It’s always better to have an outside set of eyes to see how your site is functioning. If you’d like to know my opinion about your current site and discuss how it’s working for you, please contact us using the form below.