Using Video Books as a Sales Tool Offline
March 23, 2016

Using Video Books as a Sales Tool Offline

You’ve heard before that video can be a powerful sales tool. And it’s true. But it doesn’t always make sense to connect with your target audience online. Think of getting your message in front of older generations that aren’t tech saavy, or captive audiences of people who are exactly your “ideal client”. These people may be harder or sometimes impossible to reach online, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t respond well to video marketing. Video books and video cards are a way to leverage the power of video offline and connect with those tough to reach prospects.

88% of people re-open or re-watch video books several times after receiving it

90% of people will share video books with another person

100% of people remember video books and the associated brand

Think about pamphlets and brochures. They work well because they are something tangible that people can see, touch, feel and potentially hold on to for later. Video books basically take this concept to the next level. Picture any situation where you have a captive audience. This could be people waiting around with not much to do; think doctors offices, spas, mechanics, etc. Granted many of us immediately reach for our smartphones, but that’s usually because there’s not much else to occupy our attention. Meanwhile, you have your target audience just sitting there waiting to be advertised to. You can also target people actively seeking out information; think tradeshows and conferences where people want to learn and be interactive.

Or imagine trying to target your pre-qualified sales prospects via direct mail, but needing that something extra to get their attention before they toss your precious marketing collaterals in the trash. If YOU received a video card in the mail, would you toss it? I wouldn’t. I’d be showing it to my friends and colleagues. Maybe wondering how I might be able to use this kind of technology myself. Then it might sit on my desk as a constant reminder for when the time is right. So even if they don’t take the desired conversion action right now, the result is a memorable first impression and way more exposure/engagement than traditional direct mail.

Finally, imagine sending your video book ahead as a warm introduction before your next big sales pitch. First impressions are crucial, and even some of the most seasoned sales people often find that first meeting nerve racking. Sending ahead a video book loaded with your promotional videos, educational content and testimonials not only makes your brand look polished, it does a little of the selling for you. Not to mention that when a potential client can touch, feel, see and hear your product or service, it subconsciously creates a stronger personal connection to your brand.
These are just a few ways video books and video cards can help you stand out and be memorable. contact us for more information and some insider tips/tricks on how to use video books as a sales tool.

J.P. Miles, Director of Photography