The truth about direct mail
April 24, 2020

The truth about direct mail

Does marketing by mail really work? We have met some clients who have moved all of their marketing efforts online. While it can seem like a clever idea to move to digital marketing or skip direct mail altogether, you’d be missing out on a huge opportunity to increase your overall response rate! Direct mail works. 

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The facts: 

  • The typical response rates for a direct mail campaign range from about 1% to 5% and are even higher when addressed. This rate varies by industry and the quality, frequency and relevance of the mailing list, as well as whether it’s a warm (have had previous interactions) or cold (no previous contact) list.
  • There is a 20% higher motivation response to direct mail than digital media.
  • Direct mail gets noticed, opened and read. Our brains are wired to pay more attention to it.
    • 74% of Canadian consumers always notice advertising in direct mail. 
    • Direct mail remains the #1 way to get directly in touch with people in a very specific geographic area. 
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Here are our TOP 4 Direct Mail Keys to Success: 

1. Target Market: About 40% of the success of a direct mail campaign rests on identifying and reaching your target market. Work with a professional mailing list provider to identify your potential customers and obtain a high quality mailing list, or consider using unaddressed ad-mail.

2. Your Offer: What you offer and what you ask the recipient to do (call to action) also account for about 40% of the success of a direct mail campaign. Make your offer exciting and meaningful—it might be anything from a discount coupon to an invitation for a no-obligation phone call to discuss a property. A better offer can mean more sales and increased ROI.

3. Creative Design: Design your mail piece to get noticed so that it will be read. The format (postcard, letter, flyer, etc.) and design, such as interesting photos, colour printing and typography on the mailing piece account for a lot of its success.

4. Consistency:  Every time your marketing is read by a potential client, your brand is being built and that person is forming their perception of you. The more your brand is seen, the more likely you will be contacted. DON’T GIVE UP! Even in the worst market, consistent marketing pays off. 

You can turn into a household name in just a short period time to become the REALTOR® of choice by staying top of mind. When they think about real estate in their neighbourhood, they will think about you because you have been consistently showing up on their doorstep each month with topical and relevant information.

We’re ready to connect you directly to your database! Contact us today to start your addressed or unaddressed direct mail campaign.